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Opportunities Now: A New Way to Easily Identify Patients with the Highest Value of Revenue Generating Opportunities

What is Opportunities Now?

Opportunities Now is an exciting enhancement to the Patient Engagement Center that helps pharmacies more easily identify upcoming visiting patients with the highest value of revenue-generating opportunities. With Opportunities Now, you will be able to:

      • Identify opportunities for patients already scheduled to come in
      • Easily launch into interventions with just a few clicks
      • See exactly how much revenue is available from each intervention
      • Easily sort interventions by highest value to schedule your day more easily

The best part? The result for your patients is better outcomes and patient care, all while your pharmacy takes action to diversify revenue for a healthier bottom line. Watch the video to learn more!

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Watch the Training Video

Learn how to use Opportunities Now, an enhancement to the Patient Engagement Center with this quick and easy training video.

Watch the Training Video

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Join our live training sessions to master using the Patient Engagement Center and Opportunities Now. Sessions available Tuesday to Friday.

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Download the User Guide

Download the user guide to access step-by-step instructions on using the Opportunities Now feature in the Patient Engagement Center.

Download the User Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make the Opportunities Now view my homepage in the PEC?

How did you determine which patients have opportunities?

When I look at Opportunity Categories I filter for, I don't see all opportunities. Why is the list different?

How did you calculate the reimbursement payment values?

I looked at Opportunities last week, and some of my opportunities are no longer listed. Where did they go? Are they still available?

Why do I have to log into Outcomes to complete the MTM opportunities when PrescribeWellness has an eCare template for completing MTMs?

For some of these patients, I’m not going to reach out to them about opportunities for whatever reason. Can I remove them?

Some of the opportunities are listed separately, but the outreach is really a single outreach. Can I combine them into a single opportunity?

Read the Press Release

pharmacist talking to patients at pharmacy counter

Transaction Data Systems Launches Clinical Opportunities Solution Across Largest Network in Community Pharmacy

New enhancement brings instant access and ability to act on clinical opportunities to diversify pharmacy revenue

Orlando, FL February 21, 2023- Transaction Data Systems (TDS), the leader in patient-centric pharmacy solutions, announced the launch of a new Opportunities Now enhancement within its patient engagement center platform, extending paid clinical opportunities to the largest network of independent community pharmacies. With over $20 million in clinical opportunities provided in 2022, this enhancement will enable pharmacists to diversify their revenue streams with instant access to more paid clinical opportunities than ever before within their system workflow. 

Click here to read the full press release.


Healthier Patients. Healthier Bottom Line.

Queue of patients waiting to receive prescriptions who also have clinical opportunities available

Opportunities Now enables pharmacists to make more money with each click. By identifying patients who have revenue-generating opportunities beyond prescription processing, Opportunities Now streamlines revenue generation and improves patient outcomes. 

  • Targeted revenue generation: Group patients into targeted lists based on demographics and interactions for personalized campaigns.

  • Easy identification: Quickly identify which patients have revenue opportunities before they even come into the pharmacy, saving time and effort.

  • Sorting by type: Sort paid opportunities by type, making it easy to prepare for the day and add extra revenue.

  • Better patient care: Helps pharmacists provide better patient care by identifying patients who need interventions, resulting in improved patient outcomes.

  • Diversified revenue: Enables pharmacists to generate revenue beyond prescriptions for a healthier bottom line, providing a competitive edge.

Opportunities Now is a must-try tool for pharmacies looking to streamline revenue generation, improve patient outcomes, and increase profitability.

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